Eddie Lawler

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Eddie Lawler


poet  &  playwright

Background: Baildon Sky Rocket

1. Windmills – there’s a family live up on Haworth Moor keeps being refused planning permission for a wind-generator.  They have to burn diesel instead.  The simple technology of wind-power has been held back for 40 years.  It’s called progress…


2.  Walking to Bradford... so now we have to go to war to get the diesel.  Alienating many of my fellow-Bradfordians.  This is the Age of Great Disappointment.


3. Ballad of Frizinghall - I got this story from a paperback of tales from West Yorkshire.  And added a little touch of my own.


4.  Urban Illusions Ltd. – speaks for itself, I hope.


5. Emily Brontë’s Song – when my musical “Bells” was performed, the young lady playing Emily took fright at the intervals in this unaccompanied folk-style song and simply recited it. At the time of recording, no woman has ever performed this song, it’s as if Emily doesn’t want them to.  She doesn’t seem to mind me having a go…..


6.  Blind Jack Metcalf’s Song – this musical “Makin’ Light” is still waiting to be performed.  A major theme is “what is a hero?”. Blind Jack is one of my heroes.  But I bet he would not have accepted the honour……


7.  It’s a Cat’s Life -  Saltaire where I live has four large cats (stone lions) and many smaller cousins made of fur and miaow.  The latter run Saltaire, and are amply rewarded for it.


8.  Shut It! – as a child of the Welfare State I have spent much of my life observing the squeezing and closing down of many local facilities.  This song is sung in the musical by four guys in dark suits and white masks.


9.   The Massacre of Glencoe – with apologies to the Scottish Tourist Board, a tale of Innocence and Experience.


10.  The Baildon Sky-Rocket says, like the title-song of my last CD, Bradford Beck, as much about myself as the world I live in.  But why not walk along Green Lane and see it for yourself?  Buy yourself some fish and chips, they taste great while you sit and contemplate on the grass of Baildon Bank


11.  CAMRAnthem – this song is ancient, the original version was composed in the 70’s as signature tune for Barrie Pepper’s “What’s Brewing” on BBC Radio Leeds.  It only needed a tweak or two to fit 2007…… 



Sky Rocket